Letter to Our Community • Easter 2018

Dear Community!

Theme for Holy Week and Preparation for Easter
This year our theme is ‘Walking with the Risen One.’  We’ll explore his achievement of overcoming the polarities of the created world in sermons & daily conversations after the service.

Close of Day Announcements
Every Tuesday evening from 6:30–7:30pm, we gather at the altar to celebrate one of the special rituals of The Christian Community Movement For Religious Renewal, namely, The Close of Day. We are currently looking at some of the letters—John, Paul, and others, and on Tuesday April 10th, we will begin a new journey through the entire book of The Book of Revelation to John. Each evening there is a reading and a sermon, followed by a conversation. The ritual lasts about a half an hour; the conversation the same. We are looking for interested musicians who would like to play music for the beginning and end, please contact Hugh or Liza!

NEW! Starting Holy Saturday, March 31st, from 6:00—6:30pm, we’ll begin a new monthly Close of Day ritual devoted to the community of those who have crossed the threshold of death. From the pulpit, within the context of the sermon, the names of those who died in the month that follows will be named, that we may better accompany those across the threshold, and live in stronger connection with them.

The Blessings of our Community’s Elders on April 29
We stand upon the shoulders of those who come before us. Our community has been lovingly built up and carried by many dedicated individuals. Join us as we sit together in the living room and celebrate the “elders” in our community. Enjoy refreshments, and listen to our elders as they share their good wishes, and bestow their blessings on the younger generations! Bring your children and yourselves for this special event.

Thirteen Days of Ascension and Whitsun, May 10–22
Join us again this year for our daily celebrations of The Act of Consecration during Ascension and Whitsun. 

Wishing you a transformative Passion, Easter, Ascension and Whitsun season!

Your priests,
Liza Joy Marcato and Hugh Thornton