Letter to the Congregation! Michaelmas 2018

Dear Community!

The Christian Community Movement for Religious Renewal Worldwide will be 96 this September 16. In four short years our centennial will arrive. How might we want to recognize and celebrate our 100th birthday? Join us on Sunday the 16th for this month’s special Members’ Meeting: a Community Potluck and Gathering to converse with one another about our 100th milestone and how we want to celebrate it at the local and North American regional levels, and with the wider world!

This Fall, Rev. Bastiaan Baan will offer a conference October 20-21: How Do We Know, Confront and Work with Evil? We expect a fair number of visitors from outside our congregation. If you would like to offer housing, you can let Liza know. You can register on our website to attend! Such events illustrate our wider mission as a center of spiritual life.

We continue to carry the question of how we can strengthen our ability to be more welcoming within and beyond our congregation. We are putting the question of naming our church aside for now, but would like to invite more collaboration on weaving a welcome out of the things we stand for, the substance of our strengthening religious practice, and our highest intentions for the world as bearers of the gifts that come through the sacraments. Come participate in our Members’ Meetings to keep envisioning the life and growth of our congregation!

To begin our new Fall program, we have two speakers this September from the wider community: Gary Lamb, whom many know, on September 14, and Jon Rosen, a local (see his bio on our website’s calendar!), speaking on September 21. Details in the program!

New this Fall: two study groups offered by Hugh offering a deeper look at our liturgy and the Christian path. Liza will give two talks on the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount. Please note a change in our weekly rhythm: The Wednesday 9am service will now take place on Thursday mornings at 9am. This change is inspired by Camphill Copake needing to move their weekly service from Thursdays to Wednesdays. The Act of Consecration will still take place on the Wednesdays on which there is a study group.

If you have a child entering 7th or 8th grade, we offer preparation towards receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Contact us for more information!
We intend to begin September 23.

Wishing you a fruitful autumn harvest,

Your Priests,
Liza Joy Marcato and Hugh Thornton