Special Announcement from the Office of the Lenker

January 25, 2019 

Dear Friends, 

With this letter I am happy to share with you that Rev. Craig Wiggins has been asked to carry the position of Lenker for the Christian Community in North America and that he has accepted.

Craig was born and raised in Missouri but spent much of his adult life in Europe. He was ordained in 1992, and worked for 18 years in various congregations in the Netherlands. He was then sent to the United States where he worked briefly in the Philadelphia area community before taking on the congregation in San Francisco.

This request came just as Craig was about to move to Chicago and become the community priest there. Gratefully, he has agreed to continue with this plan for the near future with the hope that an additional priest can be found to join him there soon.

Craig will assume regional responsibilities transitionally until this summer, at which point he will step into that role solely. The tasks of the regional Lenker in the Christian Community are to guide and support the work that happens at each altar, as well as to create a unifying consciousness within one region, bringing together the very different communities that we are.

Please join me in welcoming Craig into the task of holding a movement that wants to work with the presence of the Risen One in our earthly lives.

With warm greetings, 

Oliver Steinrueck