September & October

Saturday, September 29 • 

Dear Community,
There will be no weekday services or visits to affiliates for the coming three weeks.

This Saturday, October 12, 10:00 AM - 2:00PM, there WILL be a Community Work Day to put the church gardens to bed for the winter and other chores. Come help our new caretakers and other community members with this important seasonal task. Lunch will be provided! This is an all ages event—children are welcome.

I know there is a lot of confusion in the congregations right now. Please hang in there! I will be taking a short break but I look forward to coming together soon.

The priests of the Christian Community in North America

The priests of the Christian Community in North America


Community Wide Meeting

Sunday, October 20 • 12PM

Dear Community!

Please see below a letter from our Lenker, Rev. Craig Wiggins, announcing a community wide meeting on Sunday, October 20th at 12PM.

I would like to take a moment, also, to introduce myself to the community in the new half time administrative role that has been created. I am Faith DiVecchio, and I've been in and around the Christian Community for 22 years, mostly as a member in the Berkshire-Taconic Hillsdale Church. I'll be working together with Liza to support the work of our church. Many of you I know already, and I look forward to meeting those of you whom I've not yet met!

I can be reached at or on my mobile phone 413-717-5249.

Love, Courage and Michaelmas greetings to all in these tumultuous times.



Letter from the LENKER

October 10, 2019

To The Christian Community in the Taconic-Berkshire Region

Dear friends,

Your community has experienced extraordinary events in the last few weeks. We all live with many questions to which there are no easy answers. These last weeks have been extraordinary for me as well. It’s time to have a good talk, as my beloved father would say. 

On October 20 I will be able to visit our Taconic-Berkshire congregation. After the Act of Consecration and some light refreshments there will be a community meeting to which you are all invited. Chris Schaefer from Great Barrington will moderate the meeting and we can have a ‘good talk’ with each other. 

I look forward to listening and speaking with each other soon. 

With warm greetings,

Rev. Craig Wiggins 
Lenker for North America 

P.S. Since I am not only Lenker, but also priest, I am happy to offer consultations on Monday, October 21. Please contact Faith DiVecchio for an appointment. She can be reached at  or at 413-717-5249