Sunday, March 10, 12:00 AM

>>>>DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! Set your clocks ahead<<<<

12:00 PM • The Sacrament of Baptism will be celebrated.

Sunday, March 17, 12:00 – 2:15 PM

Annual General Meeting • The Board of Trustees invites you for a light lunch & community meeting about the life of our congregation.
All welcome!

Saturday, March 23, 4:30–8:00 PM

Hartka Hall Dinner Fundraiser
Join us March 23 for the Third Annual Hartka Hall Fundraiser Dinner, catered by Chef Jürgen Schmiedl and lovingly served by our wonderful young waitstaff—It’s an amazing evening of fine dining and grand company in front of the epic fireplace at the beautiful home built by the Hartkas. Call Kevin Hindes to attend or volunteer. 518.821.3048.



begins March 24


Sunday, March 24, 12:00 PM

A Walk through the Sacrament of Ordination. In light of the approaching ordinations, we will introduce this sacrament of the renewed priesthood.


The Sacrament of Ordination is to take place at 10:30 am, in Spring Valley NY, for the following candidates.

Cheryl Prigg • Friday, March 29th, 2019

Luis Gonzalez • Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Matthias Giles • Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Please click the link, below, for more information and to register if you would like to attend. Please note there are a limited number of seats available and a reservation is required.

Monday, April 1–Friday, April 5

The biannual Priest Synod in Spring Valley Synods are an opportunity for priests in our Region (all of North America!) to come together and strengthen our congregational work. •


Sunday, April 7, 12:00 PM

Sunday, April 7, 12:00 PM • The Beatitudes in Word and Movement. Liza Marcato will give an introduction to the Path described, and the Beatitudes will be performed in Eurythmy by Michal Bar-Shalom, Patti Regan, Ran Shimizu, Jeanne Simon-MacDonald and Lynne Stolfo.


Join Us for Holy Week Services & Conversations

Sunday april 14—Saturday, April 20, 2019

The Path of Passion. Every Morning: Act of Consecration & Sermon every morning (see times below), Every Evening: a Close of Day & Conversation, Sunday through Friday 6:30—7:30 PM. *Saturday, there will be a talk after the morning service, but no Close of Day.


The Path of Passion

Sunday, April 14 Palm Sunday • Footwashing

Act of Consecration 10:30 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Monday, April 15 Holy Monday • Scourging

Act of Consecration 9:00 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Tuesday, April 16 Holy Tuesday • Crowning

Act of Consecration 9:00 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Wednesday, April 17 Holy Wednesday • Bearing the Cross

Act of Consecration 9:00 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Thursday, April 18 Maundy Thursday • Crucifixion

Act of Consecration 9:00 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Friday, April 19 Good Friday • Entombment

Act of Consecration 9:00 am | Close of Day 6:30 pm

Saturday, April 20 Holy Saturday • Resurrection

Act of Consecration 9:00 am


Easter Sunday • April 21, 2019


10:30AM•Act of Consecration of the Human Being

11:45AM•Community Easter Joy Potluck Brunch

Join us for THE EASTER PUPPET PLAY and an Easter Joy Brunch directly following the Act of Consecration. Potluck contributions welcome!

And the angel said to the women,’Have no fear. I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here. He has risen, as he himself said. Come and see the place where he lay. Now go quickly to his disciples and say to them: He has risen from the dead and will lead you to Galilee where you will behold him. See, that is what I have to say to you.”
— Matthew, Chapter 28: verse 5–7

The Sacrament of Confirmation

Sunday, April 28, 10:30 AM

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated by Rev. Oliver Steinrueck, followed by a Community Meal and Celebration to welcome our newly confirmed young people.

Volunteer Opportunities

Saturday, May 11, 10:00 AM—2:30 PM

Community Garden Day. Garden day at church! Lunch provided. Sign up at church—don’t miss the fun!

Saturday, May 18, 10:00 AM—3:00 PM, location TBA

Annual Tag Sale. Fundraiser for The Christian Community. To donate or help call Laura Geilen: 518.325.7659.

Sunday, May 19, 12:00 PM

The Sermon on the Mount: A Spiritual Architecture for the Soul.
Talk by Liza Marcato

Sophia Conference

Reawakening the Divine Feminine

through an Anthroposophical Lens

Screenshot 2019-02-25 14.51.47.png

MAY 24 & 25, 2019
Immerse, Experience, Dialog, Connect

Mother of the World,  1937 • by Nicholas Roerich

Mother of the World, 1937 • by Nicholas Roerich

Organized by
Christianna Abel-Riley & Carrie Schuchardt, from the House of Peace, Ipswich, MA

Questions? EMAIL:

Suggested price: sliding scale $75–$125

The Christian Community Church

10 Green River Lane, off Rte.71
Hillsdale, NY 12529

May Peace Prevail on Earth,
May Peace be in Our Homes and Countries,
May We Awaken

“May my soul bloom in love for all existence.”
~ R. Steiner 

Ascension Begins (May 30 — june 8) 

Ascension Day, Thursday, May 30

Thursday, May 30, 9:00 AM • The Act of Consecration of Man


Followed by daily services for Ascension and Whitsun
Every day at 9:00 AM, except Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Sunday, June 2, Ascension Sunday

12:00 PM • Contemplation on John 16, by Hugh Thornton

Whitsun/Pentecost is June 9 –11th

WhitSunday, June 9 • 10:30 AM
The Act of Consecration of Man

followed by a community potluck.


John Donne, 1572 – 1631

Salute the last, and everlasting day,
Joy at the uprising of this Sun, and Son,
Ye whose true tears, or tribulation
Have purely wash’d, or burnt your drossy clay.
Behold, the Highest, parting hence away,
Lightens the dark clouds, which He treads upon;
Nor doth he by ascending show alone,
But first He, and He first enters the way.
O strong Ram, which hast batter’d heaven for me!
Mild lamb, which with Thy Blood hast mark’d the path!
Bright Torch, which shinest, that I the way may see!
O, with Thy own Blood quench Thy own just wrath;
And if Thy Holy Spirit my Muse did raise,
Deign at my hands this crown of prayer and praise