ST. Johns Tide • Monday, June 24, 10:15 am

The Act of Consecration will be celebrated at Camphill Copake in Fountain Hall. All are welcome to attend!


Saint John the Baptist

(a fragment)

St. John, strong Baptist,
Angel before the face of the Messiah
Desert-dweller, knowing the solitudes that lie
Beyond anxiety and doubt,
Eagle whose flight is higher than our atmosphere
Of hesitation and surmise,
You are the first Cistercian and the greatest Trappist:
Never abandon us, your few but faithful children,
For we remember your amazing life,
Where you laid down for us the form and pattern of
Our love for Christ,
Being so close to Him you were His twin.
Oh buy us, by your intercession, in your mighty heaven,
Not your great name, St. John, or ministry,
But oh, your solitude and death:
And most of all, gain us your great command of graces,
Making our poor hands also fountains full of life and wonder
Spending, in endless rivers, to the universe,
Christ, in secret, and His Father, and His sanctifying Spirit.

by Thomas Merton

Sunday June 30, 12:00 PM

The Modern Path of Baptism. a St. John’s Contemplation by Hugh Thornton

Sunday, July 7, 12:00 PM

Goodbye Party for the Limbergers: Cake, potluck BBQ and swim party!

Sunday, July 14, 12:00 PM

The Sermon on the Mount, Part III: The Fulfillment of the Law, a talk by Liza Marcato.

Sunday, July 21, 12:00 PM

Summer Work Day: We have a book, with a title page/sleeve for each member of our congregation whois now on the other side of the threshold. We would like to fill this out with memories, photos, etc. Bring your lunch and join in filling out the BOOK OF THOSE WHO HAVE DIED with your memories.

Saturday, July 27, 10am – 2 PM

Second Annual Dig-n-Dip! Come do a lil’ work in the garden, have lunch together followed by swimming in the pond/river! Families especially invited to attend!

Sunday, July 28, 12:00 PM

Summer Work Day: Bring a lunch and stay to help with tree work and trail maintenance. Together we will develop a planespeciall for the hillside between church and road. All welcome!

Sunday, August 4, 12:00 PM

The Sermon on the Mount, Part IV: The Lord’s Prayer and Christian Initiation, a talk by Liza Marcato.

Sunday, August 18 — sunday, August 25

I AM the True Vine: Annual Summer Youth Conference in Hillsdale with Rev. Liza Marcato, Rev. Matthias Giles,
& song leader, Brendan Taaffe. Sign up and get info at

Sunday, August 25. 12:00 PM

YOUTH Sunday! Stay after church to meet the teenagers here for our Summer Youth Conference. They will sing for the Act of Consecration and for the community afterwards!

Sunday, September 1, 12:00 PM

The Sacrament of Marriage will be celebrated for Helena ZAY and Will Lawrence. All welcome to attend the sacrament!

Saturday, September. 7, 5:00 – 8:00PM

Summer Adieu! End-of-Sumer Lawn Party Fundraiser with catered meal, live music tarot readings and great atmosphere! Tickets are: $25/adults, $12/child. A great way to bid the ‘Summer Adieu!’ Contact Kevin Hindes to help or reserve your tickets! 518.821.3048

Sunday, September 15, 12:00 PM

Book Release Party for Sonnets to Orpheus by Rainer Maria Rilke, in NEW TRANSLATION, by our congregation’s own Christiane Marks!