Martin Luther King, Jr.
Annual Winter Youth Conference
in Washington DC

new title here…What is truth? How can I stand in the truth in my life?

Fee: $300 - Send financial aid requests to by December 31. No one should stay away from financial reasons! 

Each youth conference registrant should fill out the form below with all of the relevant information and send the conference fee of $300,
payable to The Christian Community, no later than January 1, 2019 to:

The 2018 Winter Youth Conference
c/o Rev. Liza Marcato
61 Green River Lane
Hillsdale, NY 12529

Give yourself a tech and social media break, and bring instruments, games, warm snow clothes, sleeping bag/pad/pillow!

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Participant Date of Birth
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What are your eating habits/needs? (we want everyone to feel happy and well-fed, AND ALSO, please make it as easy on us as possible, only choose other options if it is necessary for your well-being! Thanks!
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Participant Cell Phone #
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We aim to offer an environment of free and clear inquiry into the essential questions of life. Therefore the conference is not one in which substance use of any kind can be tolerated as it hinders our efforts to provide this for you. Please write "I UNDERSTAND" in the space below to show that you accept that any participant found to be behaving or supporting behavior that runs counter to the spirit of the conference will be asked to leave. *