Dear Community!

Our community life is thriving! Every Sunday we can see that our community continues to grow—during the week, too! Our new program reflects some of the diverse aspects of our community. We hope you enjoy—we are looking forward to hosting some wonderful events this spring…as these makes its approach and rises earlier each morning—with accompanying birdsong—we can actually believe spring is coming! Here is a little information about some of the events.

A little more about our Tuesday Close of Day service
Every Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM
, the candles are lit at the altar, and we gather to refresh ourselves and be inspired. This past week, we have begun anew, entering our third cycle through the Book of the Revelation to John. This event is an hour long and is made up of two parts: the first features our Close of Day ritual, in either itsshort form (Gospel—Sermon—Lord’s Prayer) or its long form (includes also the Epistle—Gospel preparations—Creed). We read from the Book of the Revelation to John and hear a sermon. Following the ritual, a devotional conversation happens before the altar in a circle. 

The Book of the Revelation to John is intimately linked to the Act of Consecration of Man. Exploring this link is an ongoing theme during these evenings. The images contained in this book awaken new spiritual forces in the soul so needed in order to face the unfolding of world events. The first Tuesday after Michaelmas (this year October 1), the entire book of the Revelation to John will be read from the altar; this takes two hours. This will be the third year of this annual event—and we invite you to join us any Tuesday!

A little more about the event May 5: When Grief Becomes Healing
with Gregor Simon MacDonald
, retired Hospice Grief Counselor
Gregor will combine his presentation with a simple exercise (not too personal) and conversation. He’ll touch on general aspects such as the importance of healthy grieving, and grief about our world in general, and focus on some spiritual questions connected with grief after a death, and the care needed.  We are very much looking forward to having Gregor!

A Wonderful Event! The Sophia Conference: Reawakening the Divine Feminine, May 24–25 Christianna Abel Riley is organizing a great conference with Carrie Schuchardt (of the House of Peace) as a central presenter. The format will include presentations, conversations, and activities such as Walking the Labyrinth. Stay tuned for more details on our website! Click on this link, or email Christianna at:

Volunteering for Your Church: Whoever Gives, Receives! Finding a way to serve the life of our community is a way to deepen what is received at the altar. Our community has always been carried by heart and love in this way. Right now, there is a dire need for ironers and flower arrangers. Looking for a meditative time to reflect on the Act of Consecration? Ironing is a great way to spend a couple hours! Your care for the vestments is a much needed service with a definite result and offers you the chance at a couple hours of quiet time in your otherwise busy and hectic life! Want to touch peoples’ lives with beauty and color? Join the Flower Fairies! With enough people on these two important Care Groups, you could find a wonderful way to participate and serve once every month or two… email Davina Muse to join the Ironing Team: and Stella Elliston to join the Flower Fairies:

March Fundraiser Dinner, Priest Ordinations and Priest Synod
What do these events have in common? They all strengthen us for the future! Join us March 23 for the Third Annual Hartka Hall Fundraiser Dinner, catered by Chef Jürgen Schmiedl and lovingly served by our wonderful young waitstaff—It’s an amazing evening of fine dining and grand company in front of the epic fireplace at the beautiful home built by the Hartkas. March 29-31: three new priests will be ordained in Spring Valley. And, your priests will stay in Spring Valley April 1-5 for the biannual Priest Synod. Synods are an opportunity for priests in our Region (all of North America!) to come together and strengthen our congregational work.

There’s something beautiful being prepared for Easter… be sure to come and see the Puppet Play for All Ages!

The Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount: April 7 & May 19
The words of these chapters from Matthew’s Gospel offer such a precious treasure to humanity. In addition to the continuation in May of the talk held in the fall, we will also have the opportunity to experience the Beatitudes in Eurythmy, brought to us by a group of eurythmists—Michal Bar-Shalom, Patti Regan, Thomas Rosenberg, Ran Shimizu, Jeanne Simon-MacDonald and Lynne Stolfo—working now to prepare a special offering on April 7, with an introduction by Liza Marcato. Be sure not to miss it—there is nothing like the Bible brought to life through Eurythmy!

Wishing you all inner warmth of soul, strengthening spiritual community, and good health!

Your priests,

Liza Joy Marcato and Hugh Thornton